Hire Our Musicians

Are you planning a wedding, party or other social event?

Consider offering your guests something special to remember — entertainment by LIVE MUSICIANS.  Live music makes an impression that will endure in your guests’ recollections and will make your event truly memorable.

When you are paying for live music, deal with the “pros”.

We’re professional, we’re affordable, and we’ll make your event even more exciting.

Your event is special, so don’t settle for less than the best.

We’re the oldest, most respected name in the business.  Established in 1902, we’ve entertained Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts for more than a century.

Pick here from the finest musicians and bands in the area.

Choose by Category or Style of Music

Dance Bands for Banquets, Parties, Lounges, etc.

Al Abbott Band
Bill and Mary Andrews Band
Dan Ferreira & The Meadowlarks
Stan Holtzman Band
Dick Lupino Band
Jack McNamara Band
Bill Moretti Band
Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band
PB Music
Bob Sagnella Band
Lois Vaughan
George Zecher Orchestras

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“Show” Bands, “Cover” Bands, “80’s” Bands

Bill and Mary Andrews Band
Dick Lupino Band
Jack McNamara Band
Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band

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Calypso, Island & Brazilian Music

Dan Moretti – Brazilian  
George Zecher – Calypso & Island

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Wedding Services

Classical Wedding Services of New England
Dick Lupino Band
Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band
Lois Vaughan

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Solo Performers

Ron Fournier, solo pianist

Mike Magnelli, solo guitar

Lois Vaughan, solo piano

Jordan Nunes, solo piano

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Jazz and Blues

Marty Ballou, string bass, electric bass

Paul Del Nero, string bass

Kirk Feather, saxophone

Kent Hewitt, piano

Dan Moretti, saxophone

Richard (“Ritchee”) Price, trumpet

Carl Querfurth, trombone

Lois Vaughan, piano

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Arrangers / Composers

Jamie Allen

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Contact PFM office for recommendations

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Instrumentalists / Music Teachers

Alexander Berry
Megan Koch
Steven Laven
Theodore Mook
Aron Zelkowicz
Jane Murray
Crikkett Young
Percussion (Drums)
Piero Guimaraes
Charles Kalajian
Craig McNutt
Jamie Allen
String Bass
Joseph Bentley
Joseph Higgins
Eliot Porter
Alexei Doohovskoy
Joseph Foley
Sasha Callahan
John Sumerlin

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Symphony Orchestras

Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra

Rhode Island Civic Chorale and Orchestra

Chorus of Westerly and Festival Orchestra

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